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Tennessee Real Estate Pre-licensing Platinum Solution

About This Package

Be the most prepared candidate in the room on exam day.

The Tennessee Real Estate Pre-licensing Platinum Solution is the most thorough and in-depth program on the market. It uses analytics, technology and expert guidance to ensure you pass with flying colors. Comes with our signature Pass the First Time Guarantee (when used with our Exam Prep tool). This package features:

  • Tennessee Affiliate Broker Pre-license Course, a 60-hour digital Sales Pre-license course that satisfies the state education requirement and thoroughly prepares you for the real estate exam. Covers real estate law, finance, ownership, contracts, and the transfer and use of property. If it’s on the exam, it’s covered here.
  • Tennessee Real Estate Pre-license Course for New Affiliates, a 30-hour online course also required by the state. Topics covered in this course include agency, contracts, fair housing laws, antitrust laws, risk reduction strategies, broker supervision, property management, leases, commercial real estate, business ethics, finance basics, types of loans, title insurance, and finance regulation.
  • National Real Estate Exam Prep - PSI, our powerful, state-of-the-art exam prep tool. It uses adaptive learning technology to create study materials that meet your individual needs. There's nothing on the market that can compare!
  • Real Estate Exam Prep Toolkit: This unique exam prep toolkit gives you a variety of tools to help you understand and retain the knowledge needed for the National information on your real estate exam. The toolkit includes flashcards, topic review recordings and special study tips.
  • MathMaster, a sophisticated program that teaches you the skills you need to master real estate math. Includes hands-on practice problems and detailed explanations of all formulas.
  • Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession (Textbook), a bonus resource that reinforces your exam prep and prepares you for your career. Note: our courses are designed to comply with state requirements without need of a textbook.

In addition to the above, we provide unlimited customer and technical support during business hours in case any issues arise.

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Includes:  90 Credit Hours


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