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Florida Real Estate: Principles, Practices, and License Laws, 4th Edition


About This Book

This fresh, comprehensive Florida real estate book provides up-to-date content with real-world examples. Written with the student in mind, it provides the necessary essentials required for one to practice real estate in Florida. This edition has been written and organized to help the real estate license applicant to better prepare for the state exam by following the topics of the state outline.

Key terms, summaries and extensive review questions for each chapter allow users to check their understanding. A 100-question practice exam at the end of the book tests student knowledge of key concepts.

Highlights of the 4th edition include:

' Fully updated with new information on the real estate business and market analysis, including financing, consulting, and housing topics
' Updated information on real estate investments and business opportunity brokerage to help analyze risk and distinguish among ways to appraise businesses and opportunities
' New discussion on tax cuts, the Jobs Act, and the Tax Reform Act and how those impact the industry
' Helpful ''Math Buster'' appendix provides keen insights to learning and using fundamental math formulas used on the real estate exam.
' Useful ''Coaching Tips'' highlight practical application of the key principles using real-life scenarios to fully prepare users for their new real estate careers.

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Author:  Samuel Irlander– Irlander Institute of Real Estate 

Copyright: 2019