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California Real Estate Principles, 10.1 Edition


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California Real Estate Principles Book is easy to understand, yet rigorous in reinforcing the terms and concepts necessary to pass the California real estate license exam. This edition has been updated to reflect California's latest legislative changes. The authors have added fresh examples, new Student Learning Outcomes, and updated Reviewing Your Understanding questions throughout. Math has been moved out of the main text to the appendix, so students have a single place to look for all formulas and real estate math. This text contains everything you need to dive headfirst into your real estate career. Features ' New disclosures chapter explores sellers' and agents' disclosure obligations, as well as supplemental statutory disclosures. ' Expanded appraisal chapter includes more detail on the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC), updates reflecting the 2014-2015 revisions of USPAP, and updated categories of licensing/certification reflecting January 2015 legislative changes. ' Provides expanded discussion of the various listing agreements and reviews the latest version of the Residential Purchase Agreement. ' Includes updated information on the California license exam.

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Authors: Mary Ellen Brady, Ed Estes, and Dennis J. McKenzie

Copyright: 2016